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Update #30

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krilion_GD, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    Greetings Backers and Happy Holiday's!

    We've been heads down and working hard on getting the last of the features implemented into World Engine before we move into the Beta phase of the project.

    Upcoming Features
    There have been a lot of additions and changes in the next iteration of World Engine. Below is a highlight of these features.

    - Text Tool: There are two modes to the text tool, POI(point of interests) and path labeling. The POI allows you to select a point on the map and add a label to it, IE: towns, towers, caves, etc. The path labeling allows you to draw text along a path. This is great for labeling roads, rivers, or entire areas of you map.

    - Stair Tool: Need to make some custom stairways? You can create custom stairs using this tool and select textures in your library to make them distinguished from pre-made stairways.

    - Pen Tips: We added in the initial pen tip selection for the pen tool. Currently, there are 3 tips that can be chosen from: Round, Square, and Square Butt. We'll be adding many other pen tips as we move forward into the release version.

    - Looping Option: This allows you to loop or auto connect the ends of your pen lines.

    - Line Mode: This feature has been reworked into an option now, so instead of a keystroke to activate this mode you now have an option to activate it. This also makes it possible to use line mode on touch devices very easily.

    - Export: The new export system now has overlays that allow you to add square or hex overlays. There has also been some improvements to the calculations that handle computing the output dimensions of the maps on export.

    - Outlines: Outlines are now attached to any object that you give an outline to. This means that when you make adjustments or changes to these objects the outline is affected by said changes as well.

    - Snap to Grid: We've been working on a new system for snap to grid to make it more effective than it was initially. The idea is to allow snap to grid to be adjusted to a 9 point setting. This will give map makers the flexibility in where they want objects to snap to.

    - UI System: A new UI system is being implemented to allow for a more dynamic display. This allows us to add new tool options very quickly verses the old method that took many hours or days, depending the number of features a tool has. In addition to speeding up the time it takes to develop new tool options, we've also built this so that we can support themes at a much later date(post release).

    - Knife Tool: This tool allows you to split lines. (pretty straight forward)

    - Cut, Copy, & Paste: We've added the functions for coping objects for duplication, or you can cut and move them anywhere on your maps, including other layers.

    - Path Tool: Need a quick way to make a path? This tool lets you easily create paths over your maps. While you can build paths using the roller tool(tiles) this tool lets you draw them and auto blends them into your environment. You will have options that allow you to adjust the features of a path.

    - Account Management: We've added some back-end feature that won't be visible until we finish up the store front and other various UI bits, including the user settings. On a side note we have addressed the log-out feature for accounts, so the only way a user is logged out is if they manually refresh the application or are idle for more than 30 mins.

    - Store and Tile Library: Most of the backend is flushed out and we're working on the front end to allow for management of content.

    - Fill Tool: Now works for both inner and outer fills of an object. If an object doesn't have a fill you can now change the outer section of the object and both can be changed with and object that has an inner fill.

    - Bugs: We have fixed many minor bugs that have been reported by the community and those that our internal testers have found.

    Moving forward, we are continuing to finish out a few of the items that are in the above list and will update you prior to releasing the next iteration. We are very excited to get this version into your hands so you can continue to build better maps with the new features and tools. As always we thank each and everyone of you for your support and patience as we get closer to bring the next content for World Engine to you!

    Happy Holidays & Game On!

    The World Engine Dev Team!

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