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3.10.X Release

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wesley Gorby, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Wesley Gorby

    Wesley Gorby Production/Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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    Files -> http://pubs.d20pro.com/?dir=Public_Beta/3.10


    ### *** v.3.10 (Production-Preview)
    * Updated status to production
    * Updated build tools stack
    * Fixed library conflict causing logs to become truncated on spell casting
    * Add fall thru for use all spells inline behavior allowing for catching cases where a caster from a much earlier version has domain spells that should now be considered inline spells.
    * Cleaned up the language in the applied spell game log entries.
    * Cleaned up impact targets section of applied spells and features to ensure that targets are listed even when the spell is inert.
    * Cleaned up player identification and res registration to minimize lock icons when the same license is used to connected to a game using the same username. Note, if you use a different username to connect to a game, a new player instance is created and signed by your chosen license type -- player, GM, or Guest.
    * Updated the options font reset buttons to read Reset <type> font instead of Delete <type> font.
  2. Wesley Gorby

    Wesley Gorby Production/Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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    3.10.1 is out
    Files -> http://pubs.d20pro.com/?dir=Public_Beta/3.10.1


    ### *** v.3.10.1 (Production-Preview)
    * RC2 Production path release
    * Updated and corrected Fog of War segment Opaque toggle (hot key U in edit mode with a segment highlighted) so the action
    correctly toggles the segment from yellow (blocking) to pink (non-blocking). This is used for creating windows and doorways from closed edge shapes
    * Removed missed debug logging from Player experience (from 3.10)
    * Updated logging to use log4j behaviors in primary app thread
    * Fixed issue with tethered lights following the owner rather than the tether/attached target
    * Fixed a campaign creation bug that was causing a campaign of template type "<None>" to fail to update the available campaign list until the application is restarted. Empty/None campaign templates now work as intended allowing for completely empty campaigns to be created and manipulated. Note the default UI mode is standard window vs Dockable UI
    * Fixed a misplaced close handler which was preventing the main application window from being closed when an OS level close command was issued
    * Fixed Rest All function hot key and remapped to Alt+A
    * Fixed exit behavior for dockable UI and non-dockable UI. Normal, Non-dockable UI now properly honors the Confirm on Exit option AND exits the application cleanly. Docakble-UI is incompatible with the confirm on exit current, so the option is ignored, however, the exit is still clean and correctly handled
    * Added verbose detail to the library load and library sync logging. This is to prevent confusion and prompt interested parties with details on how to learn more about potential issues with library sync
    * Updated scripts in the default and default-panels campaign templates
    * Fixed an image scaling issue with the map marker preview image when double clicking a marker on a map
    * Updated the Default and Default (Panels) with new scripts, marker text and added an elevation example
  3. Wesley Gorby

    Wesley Gorby Production/Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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  4. Wesley Gorby

    Wesley Gorby Production/Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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  5. Wesley Gorby

    Wesley Gorby Production/Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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    3.10.17 Link -> https://pubs.d20pro.com/?dir=Public_Beta/3.10.17

    ### *** v.3.10.17
    * Added door control options to single click open/close doors for GM and Players. GM has a Fog of war option to allow players to request doors open/close on click.
    * Added color coding to door objects to make it easy to tell if a door is open or closed on the GM side.

    ### *** v.3.10.16
    * Found and fixed an issue where tokens that filled an entire fog of war zone could remain unseen even when set to Dynamic AND were exposed by a light source. This was related to edge detection of the token bounds with out an offset
    * Fixed an issue where notify population change calls were happening too often during a move action and causing lag as
    a result.
    * Regressed JxBrowser to .14 for Gen Con. Will restore JxBrowser to .19 post event and after resolving the game log lag
    for 3d dice rolling issue.

    KNOWN ISSUE -- Equip/Unequip is clearly all armor bonuses when removed and is NOT clearly skill changes.

    * Cleaned up logging in preps for a full release
    * Disabled the on-exit popup for the shutdown when using the Dockable UI.

    ### *** v.3.10.15
    * Fixed issues impacting AC adjustments when using Special Abilities and/or features to alter AC values. This fix
    normalizes the behavior for both types of effects so they are additive to user entered numbers. The fix also corrects
    removal of each effect and reverts AC values back to the original base values.
    * JxBrowser/chromium security fix/update. Unfortunately, this library inclusion introduces a problem with the game log
    which we're working on fixing. If you are using 3d dice and see slow die results, simply close the game log and re-
    open it to correct the issue.

    Video map performance is also effected by this update but will be vastly improved after the fix for the above is
    corrected as these issues are related.
    * Added HTML injection for local video file playback which adds autoplay and loop values to the <video> tag in the
    player when a file is provided as a video source.
    * Updated support libraries for the upcoming video streaming service which will allow for streaming the map view and/or
    video maps to connected players -- still a work in progress and not live yet.
    * Fixed and issue which was preventing players from receiving creature updates after a feature/effect was applied and/or
    removed without a manual GM broadcast.

    ### *** v.3.10.14
    * Fixed flipped compare operator for handling Special Ability's which impact saving throws and the length of the saves
    * Initial pass to clean up movement and token sync issues
    Reworked Broadcast and Movement management
    * Cleaned up to Null Pointer Exceptions related to distance calculations
    * Added general option to control global audio for Web Extensions
    * Audio default is muted for browser extensions (map backgrounds/Web Extensions)
    * Fixed issue where GM owned, visible tokens were not providing audio feedback to the player on move
    * Staging for AC modifier changes
    * Updated the windows installer to remove the lib directory when writing over an existing path so as to not leave behind
    old versions of various libraries

    ### *** v.3.10.13
    * Found and fixed a version mismatch in the java.nio.ByteBuffer library used to import content from the marketplace (post
    server upgrade). This build resolves that issue successfully.
    * Updated the Check for Updates function of the account home (after immediate login) to offer downloads of the D20PRO-Update
    files when they are available. Downloading this update will take a few minutes but then auto-logoff and exit D20PRO and
    then launch the update. This facility will improve over time.

    ### *** v.3.10.12
    * Fix for server migration changes which forced early adoption of https only URLs. This required updates to several core
    libraries for d20pro (internal and compiled into the d20pro.jar). The end result is a minor update to for folks already
    running 3.10.11.
    * Fixed redirect link for forgot password to directly access the live server's applet for password reset. While not pretty,
    this will resolve the failure to access the resource for the time being while I work on fixing the look and feel of the
    resulting site.

    ### *** v.3.10.11
    * Added an automatic execution system to run Update jar's from within D20PRO natively.
    * Fixed a bug where token images would vanish from the map after click when the token was not in the active initiative.

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