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3.7.5 Release

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Krilion_GD, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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  2. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    This goes into your D20PRO/Judge/Addon/Rules folder (windows)
    On mac, it's D20PRO/Data/Judge/Addon/Rules

    This fixes several bugs and tweaks to the PF ruleset mechanics.

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  3. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    The new beta is out.

    Link -> http://pubs.d20pro.com/Public_Beta/

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Fixed issue with marketplace version number not working with certain builds of D20PRO
    * Fixed panel refresh and light refresh issue.
    * Added light image mode compatibility check to PC view renderer. This vastly speeds up performance for PC and GM alike.
    * Trapped repeat instances of light image recreate events which were causing UI and fow to trip.
    * Found issue where 3.5 based games were not showing the lighting panel in Draw Tools. This is now fixed!

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Somehow I failed to record these updates. My apologies. Most of the changes at this point were stubs for future changes
    so they're less interesting at this point anyway!

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Added 'gameLogToken' accessor for Javascript log building. this enables the usage of the showDice() method which is
    controlled by the show/hide roles button (upper menu) on the GM screen.
    * Temporary fix for panel lag when accessing lighting. To avoid the pop-up panel lag issue, please do not use the video
    backgrounds or weather foreground options for the time being.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Found that new campaigns based on campaign templates were coming up with the pause state active. To resolve this we
    added the following:

    * Visual feedback that the update state is paused on the PC side -- unfortunately this only works after the initial
    connection as it requires the PC to have sync'd a map state.
    * Fixed initial sync of the pause (coffee break/mug icon) on the GM toolbar
    * Fixed issue with auto-broadcast disabling GM Pause on initial connection.

    * Fixed error where create map image was not cleared after creating a map from Video source. All create map functions
    are operational again!
    * Added functionality to lights to allow for individual lights to have blend effects applied to them. Currently the
    blend effects use a single alpha value for all effects on a given light source.
    * Continued adding in-line support info for the Light Editor panel in the form of hover text/tool tips.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Additive lighting for light blending.
    * That's actually enough to get an instant version bump in my book.

    *** NOTE
    * Still debugging a few items, including the fog of war polygon table being really slow to respond.

    * Also, the create map feature isn't working correctly at the moment. When you select to create from a file OR from clipboard, it will result in the video background being used. I'll get this fixed up and another release ready in short order!

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Fixed issue where classes were not being fully represented in the class library.
    * Updated player view to allow player lights to move with the player and reduce broadcast time for movement and
    visibility updates in revealed FoW regions.
    * Modified the marker UI to split description into it's own tab.
    * Replaced Marker description editor with new HTML5 WYSIWG editor. If it passes testing, we'll move this editor into
    place for traits, scripts, etc.
    * Continued work on the video player support for non-youtube playback -- still a work in progress!
    * Split networking updates into two categories, map and game. Game updates are things like movement and creature changes
    and are very fast; Alternately, Map updates are things like FoW mask reveals (toggle to shown vs hidden) and require
    that the entire map state by sync'd between all connected players. This can take a few seconds to complete. As a
    result, we've added a blocker task to the GM view when pushing the heavier weight update which clears when all the
    players have successfully sync'd.
    * Initial updates to the ER/DR resolution calculations is in place for attack actions, however, there are still some
    cases that need testing and refinement.
    * Update markers to use proper html rendering allowing for images embedded in tool tip (mouse over).
    * Fixed extra space above/below marker descriptions in tool tips.
    * Fixed extra space above/below box text when pushing from marker to game log.
    * Updated the Pathfinder rules to allow bards to remain useful and cast spells.
    * Updated the Pathfinder and 3.5 (variant) rules to properly calculate 2-handed, off-hand and other damage types and
    * Updated light context menu to include duplicate, enable/disable, public/private and delete. When a light is duplicated
    through the context menu, the duplicate is enabled by default.
    * Updated JxBrowser to support OSX Mojave.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Moving right along...
    * Updated Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest rules for clerics and others to support 10th level spells, domains, deities and more.
    * Updated Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest rules for skill penalties for untrained -- reduced from -2 to -4.
    * Fixed issue with creature class template importer which was preventing import of creature class xml files.
    * Initial product builder update to include Creature Class Templates directly into marketplace content, nearly complete.
    * Updated Creature Class Template Library to always treat classes as unencrypted -- even when loaded from an encrypted,
    resource (i.e. Marketplace). This allows full editing and syncing.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Fixed issue with trait lists not importing at level 1
    * Removed the Range appender for attacks pending feature completion
    * Fixed issue with skill bonus
    * Updated sync behavior to allow import to Library from trait list on creatures. Uniqueness is determined by Trait Name,
    Trait Source and, behind the scenes, Trait Type.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Updated speed and performance for motion maps.
    * Changed Map Marker description to be a tab of it's own.
    * Updated the text editor in Map Marker to the new html5 wysiwyg editor.

    ### *** v. (BETA) ***
    * Updated Speeds UI to auto-commit an open edited table cell when "OK" is pressed.
    * Re-purposed the coffee mug as a "Coffee Break" button. This pauses the game updates to the players while still allowing
    them access to their abilities, character sheets and such. Movement is locked for players during this time. The game
    log still functions for communication, but GM token movement and placement is not logged to the Player side.
    * Fixed issue with edge objects being visible as black lines on the player view -- this might be causing a gap however,
    please test and report in if you see this happening!
    * Added animated floor URI (HTML) layer to maps. This can be configured in the Map Properties
    * Added Weather HTML Layer to maps. This can be configured in the Map Properties
    * Added Page Down to refresh HTML layers button (PC & DM) (when no creature selected)
    * Added Page Up to mute HTML layer audio button (PC & DM) (when no creature selected)
    * Added stub for overlay layer to accept annotation and the like.. this will come in the next pass after the weather and
    floor layers are refined.
    * Settings for offset and warp are available from the Map Properties. These allow the following functions:
    * offset - This moves the Floor URL render shape left/right or up/down.
    * warp - This contracts/expands the size of the rendered floor URL area along the width (x) or height (y).
    * We reclaimed the Coffee Cup as a Pause function for GM broadcasts. When the "cup" is active, movement and token
    placement are not sent to the players even when the broadcast button is pressed. Deactivating the Coffee Cup unpauses
    broadcasts allowing for content to be pushed to connected players once again.
    * Restructured the html directory in the root of D20PRO (D20PRO/data on OSX) to contain Environmental effects, Tools and
    Reference folders. These are example HTML content bits for folks who are interested in using the URL toolkits. To
    share these assets, the resulting pages would have to be hosted online in a location where players and GM alike could
    access them -- i.e. dropbox, a personal webserver, etc. File URL's can work on local networks, however, we highly
    suggest against using local file URL unless you're players are also local to the GM.
  4. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Aug 1, 2011
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    136 (RC1)
    * Campaign Templates updated for all currently supported systems.

    * Updated copyright notice in about for 2019
    * Updated text for hover/tooltip option in Options->General
    * Updated StarFinder rules damage multipliers by type
    * Updated attack/damage row handler for damage resolution so that each rule set can handle it's own ER/DR rules directly.
    * Updated attack/damage row calculations to allow for ER/DR remainders to be applied to damage for 3.5/PF(esk) systems.
    * Fixed issue with PubNub where PubNub was data-throttling our lobby service based sessions. This should no longer be an

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