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3.7.9 RC Beta Release

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Krilion_GD, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    ### 3.7.9 RC2
    * Restored animated gif creature token support.
    * Updated the tile editor scale options to be a range from 5 - 300 with increments of 5.
    * Fixed bug with tile placement in free-mode not scaling by the grid scale factor.
    * Fixed a re-centering on connect issue when using the Options Panel's "Broadcast game to players on connect" option.
    * Fixed issue with legacy maps causing duplicate creatures on map open. This was due to the need to upgrade the creature template to the new format and not clearing the temporary copy used to cleanly make the transition.
    * Fixed scaling of map markers and map marker footprint in free-mode.
    * Added method to attempt to recover missing marker images for older maps (mostly marketplace and legacy versions of D20PRO) by the marker image name. This allows for updated images to replace the missing images however it can lead to some confusion if the marker name is ambiguous.

    ### 3.7.9 RC1
    * Fixed the free mode create light functions for creature, map and draw tools.
    * Added preference to save the show connected players list state in the game log.
    * Added ability to edit custom dice entries. Note, editing re-orders the list currently. We'll add a proper editor for this in a future release.
    * Fixed a bug with the new networking which was causing reconnects to never fire (when the host closes or the network drops).
    * Added selected map name to the game title header (GM Only)
    * Fixed issue which was causing the map zoom and scale to recenter the GM view whenever a player connected/reconnected.

    * Fixed errors in card html5 example
    * Fixed error with PSA not loading due to jxbrowser being called before we have an running session to track browser sessions.
    * Fixed issue with status markers not showing up post recovery.
    * Reimplemented additional status bars for Starfinder (Stamina and Resolve points).
    * Revamped the status bar system to allow for adding custom tracked trait names to a list in the Options->Rules tab. The current comma separated list is a temporary solution while I work on UI for adding entries with a trait selector and a tracking direction (full bar when fully charged, or empty bar when fully charged).

    * Fixed issue with player movement not triggering template effects outside of initiative. this is not resolved so traps, checks and other events can trigger decisions on the GM for regions entered or exited.
    * Reworked the shortcut F# keys:

    ALL F1 - Guide
    GM F2 - Broadcast Game and Map (sync center and zoom)
    GM F3 - Broadcast Game and Map (does not sync center and zoom)
    ALL F4 - Pause Updates

    GM F5 - Fog of War mode
    GM F6 - Tile Mode
    GM F7 - Zoom to 1" scale
    ALL F8 - Fullscreen mode

    GM F9 - Quick Save Campaign
    GM F10 - Quick Save Map
    GM F11 - Close and Save Map
    ??? F12 - <not used yet>

    * Fixed a bug with broadcast updates which was causing map re-centering 100% of the time.
    * Fixed issue with player not being able to open the HTML Dice roller and/or card demo.

    * Work on hex grid overlay is underway.
    * Updates to the spell caster templates to support PF2 caster types.
    * Updates to the PF2 Rules jar to support Sorcerous bloodlines.
    * Added ability to extend Attack's Mod column UI via Rules. For PF2, this allows selection of proficiency.
    * Updated the theme names and selector order.
    * Added a default reference which simply points to Google.com and the D20PRO Guide (called Guide) -- this ensures that new campaigns always have access to the D20PRO help guide and FAQ as well as a search engine backed reference source.
    * Cleaned up javafx thread calls.
    * Added empty jfxpanel to the main application thread to keep jfx threads alive during application run. Closure of this thread was causing various panels and utilities to fail across the board.
    [Update] Hack removed! and JFXThread persistence added properly via Platform management option in core app thread.
    * Updated the JxBrowser screen cap feature and video/url layers for video backgrounds, weather, and overlays.
    * Lots of work on the pathfinder 2 rules jar.
    * Fixed issue with RPC port and SRD jars which was causing odd behaviors when 4+ players connected to a host. Full 32+ player support is back in action.
    * Updated some network update behaviors. they should be fine, but we'll have to test more thoroughly before deciding!
    * Rewrote broadcast engine to use a threaded model. this breaks the "Blocker" views which would show pending transactions. however, it speeds up the networking as all players are broadcast to simultaneously. Blocker will be restored in the next build.
    * Updated the Broadcast button and F5 (Broadcast key) to do the same action of both syncronizing AND centering/zooming the Map to match the GM's view.

    Download Links
    Archive pubs server -> http://pubs.d20pro.com/Public_Beta/3.7.9-RC2/

  2. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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  3. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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  4. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2011
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    RC3 is ready for preview and testing. It can be accessed from here:


    ### v.3.7.9 RC3 ###

    • Upgraded to production JxBrowser 7.1c
    • Updated and re-wrote sections of the JxBrowser/D20PRO implementation to support cleaner java->javascript bridging and ensure that shutdown cleans up the Browser Core processes created by the application.
    • Added Alt+Q toggle key to enable Player Fog of War view on the GM Screen. Great for Fog of War crafting and much, much more!
    • Updated markers to not show a mouse over pop-up on mouse over if no description is set. This lets you hide that a marker is a marker until you want to share/toggle it -- great for secret doors, traps, etc.
    • Fixed toHit bonus for all... (non-PF2) (done btw)
    • Fixed Extensions do not appear to close their browser session when the tab is closed -- investigate as this might be related to the abandoned chromium sessions!
    • Fixed issue which was causing the application to fail to close under JxBrowser 7.x when the Reference panel had been opened.
    • Disabled mandatory networked version check -- version checking is now re-enabled from the User Home area
    • Disabled the PSA on application launch and removed the User Home option to toggle it on. the PSA was closing the javaFX thread which manages Chromium and then it could not be used/initialized for the table top later. the PSA will get moved intro the application proper in the next release.
    • Restored the list update method for filtered lists (Traits, Pools, Features, etc.)
    • Temporarily removed the Guide from the Reference panel as it was causing chromium to trip on application exit. Will investigate and restore before going to full release.
  5. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    ### v.3.7.9 RC4
    * Fixed Pathfinder 2 Training bonuses for Attacks and Skills.
    * Fixed issue with Discord not recognizing the browser version and refusing to allow voice/video communications
    * Updated the Alt+Q player view (GM/Host only) such that it now also works for Easy Fog of War mode
    * Fixed an issue which was preventing the player from seeing the Saving Throw node options when editing a spell or feature.
    * Added basic functionality to support user configuration of fog of war region outlines (GM-only)
    Bugs to fix
    * (not) Moved the D20PRO Guide from Reference to a default tab in Extensions
    * (not) Added basic browser controls to the Extension tabs (right-click menu for forward, back, and reload)
    * (not) Removed UIN option from the extensions tab.
    * (not) Investigate and fix an issue where exiting a mode toggle either tile editor or fog of war mode...
    * (not) Investigate and resolve GM sluggishness with multiple lights on large, dense FoW maps.
    Features to add
    * (not) set template name re-nameable; add auto append caster name to caster placed templates; Provide auto-owner naming
    of a template by token-on-map selection
    * (not) migrate "decisions" to pop up floating window(s). The main window should use a look and feel similar to attacks
    where each decision is a tab with a tab scroll for stacked decisions. Click "Expand" will open a new window for each decision expanded. Within each expansion window, multiple elements create tabs similar to the parent window. Clicking okay on an expansion window, resolves and closes the tab leaving any remaining tabs. when all tabs are closed, the expansion window auto-closes as well and enable "ok" on the parent decision tab in the decision window.
  6. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    #### *** 3.7.9 RC5 ***
    * Optimized lighting and polygon collision detection in Advanced fog of war enabling vastly speedier fog of war, even on particularly large or complex maps. There is still some issues with lights at 120' or higher. However, a further optimization pass is still possible to remove some additional polygon checks which are being made on these larger light sources.
    * Removed Owner and Tether from the Draw Tools->Fog of War->Lights table. This vastly speeds up the light display. We will need to investigate the tethering fetch process to see if it's possible to speed it up in the long run.
    * Disabled light gradients by default. New lights created from the right click menu and from the creature menu will be created with gradients disabled. This is to prevent the shadowy illumination zones from creating darker regions when they overlap. We are investigating better blending technology to make 2D light overlaps more realistic, in the meantime you are welcome to re-enable gradients for your lights on a per-light basis (via them light panel)
    * Pathfinder 2 - added support for the Force Bonus Spell override (GM Option) otherwise rules return 0 bonus spells based on ability modifiers.
    * Overhauled tethers to re-add support for tethered lights which move independently of the owner (think arcane eye, fairy fire, etc.)
    * Updated the polygon processing for shadow mask creation to skip polygons which are outside of the view range of the current view port. Again, since shadow rendering is now happening on the PC side natively, we no longer need to have the GM process everything and pass it as an image mask (for the whole map).
    * Restored transparent background options for the webGL dice roller.
    * Attached most die types from the Core Dice to the 3D dice roller. To use this feature. select a creature on the map and click on an option to roll dice from the Core Dice or Custom Dice panels. Dice currently implemented are: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20. D100 has an error when handling 90's values which I'm working to resolve. Other die shapes will be added in the future!
    * Added a developer control panel for the PC and GM which provides toggle access to experimental features. Additionally, the developer panel provides the PC with a quick access button to open the active campaign folder in the Player folder
    * Further optimized lighting and token drawing to reduce draw time on the main map.
    * Moved the D20PRO Guide from Reference to a default tab in Extensions
  7. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    #### *** 3.7.9 RC6 ***
    * Fixed issue with tokens vanishing when they approached the edge of a map (oops!)
    * Fixed issue with token edges being inverted when detecting off-screen behaviors.
    * Updated token drawing process for both Player and GM to optimize for redraws when using openGL, D3D, or java's native software renderer. OpenGL is by far that fastest. You can force OpenGL rendering by adding -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true to the java executer line in either the batch file, the shell file or just launch the application and if we can find your GPU, we'll attach to it with OpenGL active.
    * Removed UIN option from the extensions tab and replaced it with a selection from the active map solution. To open an extension in the context of a specific creature, simply single click on the creature on a map and then activate the extension while the creature is selected.
    * Added selected creature name as a tooltip to the extensions tab for reference. Changing the name of the tab breaks on reload currently.
    * Modified the Place Game Template action to pre-pend a selected tokens name as the owner of the template. This is mainly to help differentiate 20' bursts or such from one another.
    * Updated the Game Template labels such that they are user editable after they've been placed allowing for templates to have custom names.
  8. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Production/Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    RC7 installers for Windows and Linux are ready and uploaded.
    Mac will have to wait till later tonight.

    ### *** v.3.7.9 RC7 ****
    * Fixed issue where lights were not rendering when no fog of war regions were present.
    * Updated lighting to check for light bounds being off screen -- in which case it will not attempt to draw the light.
    * Fixed issue with token borders being drawn incorrectly (and other things as a result) in free-mode.
    * Fixed issue where exiting a console mode occasionally persisted the mode or entered the mode again.
    * Fixed Draw tools such that drawing in free mode now correctly scales door shapes. Doors are still limited to 90-degree
    * Fixed issue with roster not showing images for tokens on maps which have not be viewed yet.
    * REMOVED rotated token images in the roster -- this was an expensive process (graphically) which added only a little to
    the experience.
    * Restored token image rotation on the map view.
    * Disabled the on-screen notification of "Waiting for GM" between movement requests. There is still something that is
    taking extra time when enabling and disabling blocking that adds about 3 - 5 seconds to the experience -- which is not
    * Fixed various token related free-scale drawn elements on the Player side so they match the GM side.
    * Updated the animation loop so it only runs when the current map contains a video URL background, weather layer,
    or overlay.
    * Updated a ton of the network model to provide a faster movement experience for players and GM's. This is a big change
    and I expect there to be a few bugs as a result of the changes (some of which we already know about). See below for
    more details.
    * Fixed issue with lights being visible through un-revealed fog of war regions.
    * Added simple left click action to clear movement trails while not in combat. While in combat mode, movement trails are
    cleaned up after a creatures initiative is over.

    ** Major update news **
    This release introduces the first of several network speed and communication improvements. The focus of the change this
    time around was on movement and lighting/visibility. A lot of the logic for visualization has been pushed from the DM to
    the PC. this enables a cleaner, smaller network bundle for general play as content is being built on the PC side.

    In addition this enabled us to add a closer to real-time movement system. When a player or Gm drags a token, the token
    will move on the connected players/gm's map as well. This movement includes any attached lights! Tokens can be revealed
    in regions where fog of war is revealed and tokens (creatures/items/markers/etc) will remain hidden where fog of war
    covers these items.

    A PC's remote movement will leave a movement track behind to allow for visualization. This track can be cleared quickly
    by simply left clicking anywhere on the map.

    Things to note as a GM. This update removes the over abundance of pushes and pulls of the full data bundle. This means
    that if you want to change the visuals such as hiding a token or revealing a trap, etc. you'll need to perform that
    action then push the change (F2 or click the broadcast button) to share the changes. Also, DO NOT FORGET that you have a
    PAUSE button at the top control area which can be used to pause updates to your players. This lets you stage changes,
    make moves and other things behind your GM screen without anyone being the wiser... well, until you unpause and unleash
    your creations!

    One last thing of note. The Game Roster on the PC side does not update to add new tokens when they are discovered on the
    map until after you, the GM, pushes the changes to the player. This is to prevent peeking at initiative order or giving
    away any clues about a creatures potential combat status until you're ready to share. While in combat, advancing the
    round should update the roster automatically, thus adding any newly discovered creatures to the players view while
    removing creatures who've fallen out the players ability to see.

    The changes here are vast and we expect to encounter problems which we'll iron out as fast as possible. Please test and
    enjoy the update, but also remember to backup your campaign before using the beta!
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  9. Krilion_GD

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    RC12 installers for Windows and Linux are ready and uploaded.

    ### *** v.3.7.9 RC12 ****
    * Fixed issue with re-broadcasting end-point movement to the moving player. Since this movement is forced out by the GM, the moving player was getting a stuttered movement on more than one occasion.
    * Fixed issue with PC light pattern rendering not matching the GM view. Color, intensity and pattern are all matched now between the GM and connected PCs.
    * Fixed issue with left click deselect not clearly movement trails for the GM. This now works identically across the PC and GM views.
    * Updated movement trail refresh to only persist for the active token while in initiative. If another token is moved by the GM during an init turn. the movement trail is cleared (on the PC side) upon token release. On the GM side, the non-active tokens movement trail can be cleared by left clicking anywhere on the map which is not on a token.
    * Updated auto-fog of war reveal on token and light movement to work with the new "real-time" movement methods.
    * Added a broadcastMap to the core DM thread allowing for faster map data updates without the burden of full game model data. This is used heavily in responsive fog of war updates.
    * Added a real-time fog of war region visibility toggle to the Host. The GM is now able to toggle regions on and off without pushing the update to the player side. Creation or editing of regions still requires a manual push to send to the players.
    * Fixed issue with tokens larger than 1 grid unit being moved with an odd offset.
    * Added ability for the GM to set the Base Event Dice for their game system. Allowing for non-d20 based event resolution. right now, this is a global setting which replaces attacks, skill checks and the like.
    * Fixed issue where the GM could not move a token that was not active during initiative. This also resovles the issue a connected PC could lock a token in place by selecting it (when visible).

    ### *** v.3.7.9 RC11 ****
    * Fixed issue with networking ringing on movement. Reduces remote view stutter during movement.
    * Fixed issue with +/- zooming not redrawing the grid.
    * Fixed issue with repeating tooltip after tooltip activation.

    ### *** v.3.7.9 RC10 ****
    * Fixed issue with PC tooltips not displaying due to wrong creature object casting.

    ### *** v.3.7.9 RC9 ****
    * Fixed issue with realtime update networking and de-sync. It is still possible to overload the system; However, the GM
    can cancel the incoming data stream from a player by pausing the game updates (pause button at the top of the screen.
    * Fixed issue where GM owned tokens were not passing light tethers and so the player was not seeing lighting move when
    a GM controlled creature moved.
    * Found the PC was processing every light twice and fixed that. Should help to speed up the PC experience even further.
    * Fixed issue under new lighting and movement model where private lights were not showing on either the GM or PC based
    on ownership. Non-public lights now do the right thing on both side of the fence.
    * Added debug visualization for light impact on fog of war regions (DM only). This is intended to provide some insight
    into the way fog of war regions and lights interact for internal debugging, however, it may prove interesting to
    others, so I've added it to the developer tab in options.
    * Overhauled vision and lighting for both advanced and easy fog of war. We should see a marked improvement in vision
    * Added a "Visibility" value to the GM tooltip text for creature. Hovering over a creature will now show it's visibility
    state as either Invisible, Visible or Dynamic.
    * Wrote additional helper transport methods to speed up transactions for turn advancement. The PC->GM->PCs round trip on
    turn advancement was running way too slowly. The new methods reduce this time to under a second from PC click to PC
    update. Mileage will vary based on network speeds and the like.
    * Add a center map button to the top bar next to the broadcast button. Broadcast sends the game and map without
    centering the map on the PC side. The center button, centers the map on the PC side to the GM view.
    * Replaced the map ping icon with a new one. This old icon has become the centering button.
    * Restored the video map update timer so videos play back again.
    * Added a video quality control option to the General tab of Options which lets control the resolution videos are
    rendered at. Quality levels effect the resolution of the video render at various zoom levels.

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