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3.7.9 RC Beta Release

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Krilion_GD, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Krilion_GD

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    ### 3.7.9 RC2
    * Restored animated gif creature token support.
    * Updated the tile editor scale options to be a range from 5 - 300 with increments of 5.
    * Fixed bug with tile placement in free-mode not scaling by the grid scale factor.
    * Fixed a re-centering on connect issue when using the Options Panel's "Broadcast game to players on connect" option.
    * Fixed issue with legacy maps causing duplicate creatures on map open. This was due to the need to upgrade the creature template to the new format and not clearing the temporary copy used to cleanly make the transition.
    * Fixed scaling of map markers and map marker footprint in free-mode.
    * Added method to attempt to recover missing marker images for older maps (mostly marketplace and legacy versions of D20PRO) by the marker image name. This allows for updated images to replace the missing images however it can lead to some confusion if the marker name is ambiguous.

    ### 3.7.9 RC1
    * Fixed the free mode create light functions for creature, map and draw tools.
    * Added preference to save the show connected players list state in the game log.
    * Added ability to edit custom dice entries. Note, editing re-orders the list currently. We'll add a proper editor for this in a future release.
    * Fixed a bug with the new networking which was causing reconnects to never fire (when the host closes or the network drops).
    * Added selected map name to the game title header (GM Only)
    * Fixed issue which was causing the map zoom and scale to recenter the GM view whenever a player connected/reconnected.

    * Fixed errors in card html5 example
    * Fixed error with PSA not loading due to jxbrowser being called before we have an running session to track browser sessions.
    * Fixed issue with status markers not showing up post recovery.
    * Reimplemented additional status bars for Starfinder (Stamina and Resolve points).
    * Revamped the status bar system to allow for adding custom tracked trait names to a list in the Options->Rules tab. The current comma separated list is a temporary solution while I work on UI for adding entries with a trait selector and a tracking direction (full bar when fully charged, or empty bar when fully charged).

    * Fixed issue with player movement not triggering template effects outside of initiative. this is not resolved so traps, checks and other events can trigger decisions on the GM for regions entered or exited.
    * Reworked the shortcut F# keys:

    ALL F1 - Guide
    GM F2 - Broadcast Game and Map (sync center and zoom)
    GM F3 - Broadcast Game and Map (does not sync center and zoom)
    ALL F4 - Pause Updates

    GM F5 - Fog of War mode
    GM F6 - Tile Mode
    GM F7 - Zoom to 1" scale
    ALL F8 - Fullscreen mode

    GM F9 - Quick Save Campaign
    GM F10 - Quick Save Map
    GM F11 - Close and Save Map
    ??? F12 - <not used yet>

    * Fixed a bug with broadcast updates which was causing map re-centering 100% of the time.
    * Fixed issue with player not being able to open the HTML Dice roller and/or card demo.

    * Work on hex grid overlay is underway.
    * Updates to the spell caster templates to support PF2 caster types.
    * Updates to the PF2 Rules jar to support Sorcerous bloodlines.
    * Added ability to extend Attack's Mod column UI via Rules. For PF2, this allows selection of proficiency.
    * Updated the theme names and selector order.
    * Added a default reference which simply points to Google.com and the D20PRO Guide (called Guide) -- this ensures that new campaigns always have access to the D20PRO help guide and FAQ as well as a search engine backed reference source.
    * Cleaned up javafx thread calls.
    * Added empty jfxpanel to the main application thread to keep jfx threads alive during application run. Closure of this thread was causing various panels and utilities to fail across the board.
    [Update] Hack removed! and JFXThread persistence added properly via Platform management option in core app thread.
    * Updated the JxBrowser screen cap feature and video/url layers for video backgrounds, weather, and overlays.
    * Lots of work on the pathfinder 2 rules jar.
    * Fixed issue with RPC port and SRD jars which was causing odd behaviors when 4+ players connected to a host. Full 32+ player support is back in action.
    * Updated some network update behaviors. they should be fine, but we'll have to test more thoroughly before deciding!
    * Rewrote broadcast engine to use a threaded model. this breaks the "Blocker" views which would show pending transactions. however, it speeds up the networking as all players are broadcast to simultaneously. Blocker will be restored in the next build.
    * Updated the Broadcast button and F5 (Broadcast key) to do the same action of both syncronizing AND centering/zooming the Map to match the GM's view.

    Download Links
    Archive pubs server -> http://pubs.d20pro.com/Public_Beta/3.7.9-RC2/

  2. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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  3. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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  4. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2011
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    RC3 is ready for preview and testing. It can be accessed from here:


    ### v.3.7.9 RC3 ###

    • Upgraded to production JxBrowser 7.1c
    • Updated and re-wrote sections of the JxBrowser/D20PRO implementation to support cleaner java->javascript bridging and ensure that shutdown cleans up the Browser Core processes created by the application.
    • Added Alt+Q toggle key to enable Player Fog of War view on the GM Screen. Great for Fog of War crafting and much, much more!
    • Updated markers to not show a mouse over pop-up on mouse over if no description is set. This lets you hide that a marker is a marker until you want to share/toggle it -- great for secret doors, traps, etc.
    • Fixed toHit bonus for all... (non-PF2) (done btw)
    • Fixed Extensions do not appear to close their browser session when the tab is closed -- investigate as this might be related to the abandoned chromium sessions!
    • Fixed issue which was causing the application to fail to close under JxBrowser 7.x when the Reference panel had been opened.
    • Disabled mandatory networked version check -- version checking is now re-enabled from the User Home area
    • Disabled the PSA on application launch and removed the User Home option to toggle it on. the PSA was closing the javaFX thread which manages Chromium and then it could not be used/initialized for the table top later. the PSA will get moved intro the application proper in the next release.
    • Restored the list update method for filtered lists (Traits, Pools, Features, etc.)
    • Temporarily removed the Guide from the Reference panel as it was causing chromium to trip on application exit. Will investigate and restore before going to full release.

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