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First thought on d20Pro and wishlist

Discussion in 'Pathfinder' started by iemckinnon, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. iemckinnon

    iemckinnon New Member

    Jul 5, 2015
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    Since I moved away from my old gaming group, and as we wanted to continue the campaign where I was GMing, I, after much research, decided on investing in d20pro for my virtual tabletop needs. We use Teamspeak besides it, and Herolab for character creation/maintenance.

    Like many people who have posted, I have found the lack of spell support irritating, though we have done some workarounds. It looks like most of the pieces are there to make it work, but they are just not assembled into anything functional. What would be needed is to have the ability to save spells, use the level of the person casting as a variable in the spell, auto assign either a single target, or assign the spell as a setting, the appropriate template for a cone/burst/ray, and assign one or more effects in sequence to the spell, including conditions. and keeping track of how long the spell lasts. For instance sound burst would require two effects. The first would apply damage to a burst area that would have no save, the second would apply a condition, stun to those who fail a save.
    I am really hoping that this becomes a reality for d20pro in the future. As I said, the parts are mostly there, and spell use is sometimes one of the things that slows down a game, especially with new users, and more complicated spells at high level.
    It could also be one of the things that makes d20pro seem too difficult to use, and frustrating for people. I have had to go back to simply having my players do their spells the old fashioned way, and using side apps to look up the spells used and what their effects are as I, sadly, don't have all of them memorized.

    Otherwise, I do like d20pro immensely, and I am sad I did not know about the kickstarter for the new version until it already ended as many of the feature in that I am looking forward to. We are in the middle of Rise of the Runelords, and it does help streamline things in many ways... and of course saves me printing costs. I may even use it when I build my electronic gaming table to have both remote and at the table players.

    Looking forward to the future of d20pro with much hope!

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