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Hosting The Wayfarer's Inn - A 3.5 D&D Hangout

Discussion in 'D&D 3.X Edition' started by Thraxas, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Thraxas

    Thraxas New Member

    Dec 6, 2011
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    About This Game:

    The Wayfarer's Inn has been created for gamers who would like to find or run a game, or just a short mini-adventure at any given time of the day. The inn can also be a place where you can test your characters against other player characters in mock battles, or just hangout and talk. Everyone is welcome to come inn and participate...

    When I am on, running the inn so to speak, I plan to run some mini adventures, taproom games, and other activities using characters you have created. The activities will be sporting matches and contests that pit one or more characters against each other in tests of skill, luck or both. How good is your character at arm wrestling, dagger throwing, playing games of chance, and etc… Of course to be fair, the character a player wants to use will have to pass the inspection of all of the players who intend to compete in the event. The event level will also be decided on by all who are involved in the event, meaning, what character level will be used. On a larger scale, I plan to hold Gladiatorial events where a player or players can pit themselves against a number of beasties, and other situations.

    In the long term, I plan to use The Wayfarer's Inn as the main point of interest when I launch my upcoming Ravenloft Campaign.

    If this idea takes off, and participation increases, we can use Skype to handle the voice chat aspect of the inn if needed, or some other form of team chat service. I'm not sure how many people can be in the Infrno gameroom, I am assuming 6 to 8, so the inn's gameroom is on a first come, first served basis. I want to set up the inn using D20pro, if there are enough people interested in doing this, but for now we are using the simple Infrno gameroom.

    Finally, I welcome all ideas. I don't plan to be the only one running the inn, so don't be afraid to step up to the bar and start something happening. Run an event! Run a mini-adventure! Just don't run away!


    "What Happened?" This is the first question One asks when One materializes in a room at The Wayfarer's Inn. The last conscious memory of the One asking this is that of the fatal blow which surely ended the One's life. The One's who have arrived here before you cannot share any light on the subject at all. Some claim that the inn is located in a lost dimension somewhere between the planes, and that somehow there is a way back to the world in which One was wretched from if One can find it. Others think that it may be a waypoint One stops at before going on to the other side. No matter what you believed in life about the afterlife, you were obviously wrong, or something has gone horribly amiss. One thing that the other One's have assured you of is the fact that it is possible for One to die again. What happens to One then is any One's guess...

    The inn is located on the outskirts of a small town aptly named Dimension. The towns population numbers between five hundred and a thousand on any given day. Dimension is run by Mayor Veil, a willowy human male who has held the office for longer than anyone knows, nor does anyone seem to care. It is said he was the first One to ever arrive here, and has never stepped foot outside the misty wall that surrounds the outer limits of Dimension since other One's began to arrive. Dimension does not have a militia or any other form of defense. Its defense depends on volunteers to handle any threats to it's populace. There is always a hero or hero's to be found. The vicinity surrounding the Wayfarer's Inn is tranquil farmlands for as far as the eye can see, but there is a boundary. This boundary is simply refered to as the Mists. The boundary is a misty fog like wall that shifts constantly, so it is hard to say just how far One has to travel before reaching it. But once One reaches it, it is all too apparent that they have found it. There have been a few who have dared cross through the misty wall, and fewer still who have returned. Those One's who have returned speak softly and fearfully of what they have seen, but all the stories share the same message. Go beyond the Mists and you will experience terror's beyond One's imagination.

    P.S. - I am in the gameroom most of the time using voice chat only for I have no use for the cam part of this gameroom. I am prettier than you so why flaunt it. Back on subject... I may not notice someone coming into the gameroom, so if I dont respond immediately, realize I am working on stuff or I may have stepped away for a few minutes. I usually leave a post-it note saying how long I will be afk. If Im working on stuff, I usually look over at the other monitor fairly frequently.

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