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I miss some options........

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Seradest, Feb 11, 2019 at 5:33 PM.

  1. Seradest

    Seradest New Member

    Feb 9, 2019
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    First of all ,nice program i like it.

    So here is what i found and sorry for my bad English skills

    The Core Dice Window where you can hit an dice with the mouse to roll them is missing some options
    Some Rulebooks have more than one modification that is calculated with the dice roll.
    but your program can only set one modification
    When someone uses ypour programm only for initiative,fightmap and roll dices without using the ingame options for fighting or the inqame charsheets this would be nice option.

    from the same perspective,i miss an option for players and enemy┬┤s where i can set an countdown to the enemy and player tokens, for what ? some rulebooks uses cooldowns of skills and magic or effects.So it would nice an player or the gm dont need to think about when an effect or skill can be used again.
    It would e nicer when we can set 5 countdowns with different names and time of one token.

    Manuel sorting of dices........ some rulebooks using many many dices and you as an palyer must sort them in pairs to see if you hafe an specific amount of specific pairs.
    To do this ,it would be nice if we get an 2D.Graphic view of the dices that we had rolled,and than we can pick them up and sort them new so we can see how much pairs in an specific order we have.

    an campaign manager....... an simple one that dont exist in this form....... i used many campaign manager for free and for money....... waht i want and what i get what different.
    What i want is, an Box where i can write text in with minimal formatting ,then at an specific point in the text,you can make buttoms with text next to it ,why ? because when the player do something in you plot that changes the direction of the story you can make this buttoms with text like a)player opend the door b) player dont find the door c) player was to loud........ hit one and the buttom brings you to the text passage where the story goes on after the specific event is happening
    in short:in the text are buttoms that bring you to the text of the story that suits to the text next to the buttom
    its an interactive story that helps the gm to find what happens next after the playes has done something....... you cant do this with every event that player can do ,i know that but it would really help to track the plot.
    when i can link charsheets from enemys and npc in it to so that i see an popup window of an character that the player speaking to or want to fight with would be nice to.

    In options--->Rules--->Units
    there is no option to change how much an cell is.
    when i set it on Meters,every cell is 2m.......... but i need 1 for every cell
    but i cant change this,would be nice to have the option to change that

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