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Need Help - Skull & Shackles AP

Discussion in 'Pathfinder' started by Tarrintino, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Tarrintino

    Tarrintino New Member

    Aug 23, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    I could use some help in regards to the running of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, and was wondering if any of you could assist with my questions.

    First, I need to procure a generic ocean surface image to use as a map for ship combat. Square grids are optional since I can apply my own. Does anybody have a resource they can point me towards for that.

    Second, I need to find out if I can create ship models for use on the map for ship combat. Although some of the ships for the campaign could use a standard 5'x5' square for representation, several of the ships would occupy a 5'x10' space. Is there a way to create a miniature on a map that occupies this much space at one time?

    I would appreciate any constructive input you might have.

  2. Steel_Wind

    Steel_Wind New Member

    Feb 11, 2011
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    This reply is probably WAY too late for this user in all likelihood, but there may be somebody else who is curious as to how to do this. And yes, you can.

    This is best accomplished through use of the Tile Manager under Draw Tools. What you do is import your ship image at whatever dpi you want and then import that image in jpg or png format using the import function under the Manage Tiles option.

    This allows you to actually import an entire Paizo ship off of a flip-mat or Map Pack or image extracted from an AP into d20Pro as a tile. Now the magic part!

    1 - Look over to the right hand column where you placed your tile. There is a "W" and a "H" column. You change your dimension values for Width and Height there so your ship tile can be whatever size you need it to be. You can make that thing 30 x 10 if you need it to be. Or whatever other arbitrary size corresponds with your needs. If your dpi of your imported image is set, you can make importing map pack images quicker without having to resize them if you put in the correct default dpi value. You aren't confined to the pre-populated drop down values -- you can type in a different value, too, as needs be.

    2. Look to the left of the "W" column, There is an icon there you can press to specify the tile to be "sticky" If you specify the tile to be "sticky". any creatures on the tile will be dragged with the tile when you move that tile on the screen using the draw tools within the GM client during play. This sticky feature was created specifically for ships, so that your tile can be moved across the water and your creatures come with it on deck.

    3. If you want to give the ship an attack value itself, create a creature for the ship itself and give it some image from Tiny to Colossal or whatever makes the most sense. Put that creature on your sticky ship tile. That creature icon can be used to represent the overall combat values of the ship tile.

    4. As for the original question concerning water, use the extracted blank water image on the reverse of the Paizo Ship Flip-Mat or on of their other water backgrounds for different color water. Import this image into d20 Pro. You can copy+paste place these images in GIMP first to make a VERY large map, even 2 x 3 flip mats in size, say, if you need a map that big. It will take a while to synch this map with your players, but yes, it will work just fine. You can mix and match map images, so that you can use part of the deserted island map pack of flip-mat coast line and have your ship tiles move around that on the surrounding ocean maps "offshore". This is the beauty of d20Pro. You are not limited to paper resources or what can fit on a kitchen table. Your map can be BIG. Very, VERY BIG if you need it to be.

    5. You can use the manage tiles option to customize your ship interiors using the extracted images from Paizo's Ship Cabins Map Pack. It works perfectly and seamlessly. The electornic versions of Paizo's Map Pack product lines are MUCH better as electronic products than they ever are in print. In print, you are limited. In d20Pro, you are not. Moreover, you have an infinite number of the tile cards :)

    6. Yes, it works for star backgrounds and images for spaceships and TIE and X-Wing Fighters too :) Christopher West's Maps of Mastery Omnibus PDF collection is ass-kickingly good for use with d20Pro.

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