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Network Connection

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Installation Support' started by DM Swan, May 3, 2019.

  1. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
    Staff Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    Okay, networking first -- this is vastly improved in 3.7.9-RC2+ (although I'd advise using RC3). We found that the networking core wasn't using threading and fixed it. There is still room for improvement and optimization which we'll engage in on the road to a full 3.8 release. However, the fixes in 3.7.9's release candidates are solid and are working amazingly well for our current testers.

    Regarding CPU spike, this is also vastly improved. D20PRO is using more CPU than it used to due to the inclusion of a chromium based extensions system and video player for motion maps. Additionally, we've added the ability to use gif animations in several asset types. Both the video map and the animated tokens/markers require that D20PRO now run an active animation thread which means running updates a lot more often than it used too -- thus CPU usuage more akin to running a video game than that of running a desktop application (like word or excel).

    One of the main issues for the CPU load was in a 3rd party asset we use called JxBrowser. I've worked with their team over the two months to isolate and improve performance -- additionally, we've been successful in migration a lot of the browser load to GPU when available.

    The result is d20pro should be sitting in the 10 - 20% CPU utilization range when running with a normal 2d Map (even with animated elements). and in the 18 - 22% range when running an animated background.

    Connected players should not impact this as much as it used to due to the introduction of a managed thread pool to handle network requests from players -- which also vastly sped up the network interaction for folks!

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