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Discussion in 'User Created Content' started by Krilion_GD, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Krilion_GD

    Krilion_GD Community Manager
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    Aug 1, 2011
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    All posts should be D20PRO centric (content or subject regarding D20PRO).

    Posting of copyrighted material of any kind is strictly prohibited. The administrators of this site cannot police links in these forums to outside sites for copyright violations, preventing copyright violations on other web sites is the burden of the owners of those sites.

    Copyrighted material can include any of the following:
    - images or text taken or scanned directly from printed material
    - images or text downloaded from web sites with copyright notices or known copyrighted items from sites without an explicit copyright notice

    Any content (images, text, etc.) that is deemed offensive or harmful to other users or not in relation to D20PRO will be removed without notice at a moderator's discretion.

    Unless clearly identified as being supplied by MesaMundi Inc. or the D20PRO Team, the administrators of this site do not endorse nor control any content, information, products or services submitted by users to this site.
Thread Status:
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