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Public Beta - &

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by owlbear, May 19, 2017.

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  1. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2011
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    Hello All,

    I'm going to be somewhat brief (if I can actually pull that off!) as I'm fast approaching 26 hours straight on prep for this release. is up the Public Beta area of the Archive. It is also posted in a test file server which can be found here:


    A number of folks reported issues using archive.d20pro.com. Please let me know if this new file server resource works better for you.

    The download for this set is pretty big by comparison. I've included a test campaign set up which you can deploy with gamestate already intact.

    To use this test campaign, simply launch D20PRO and create a new campaign using the following settings:

    As usual, I would like to point out that this is a work in progress and is a BETA of the software to illustrate and share the progress on the application.

    The main point of this beta is to showcase the Rules library and how it can impact character creation.

    To assist with and save you some time, the team and I have put together some rules items -- only some of which have features defined to make them go.

    When you launch the sandbox campaign, it should look something like this

    Many of the creatures have features associated with them which can be accessed by pressing the 'B' key while the creature is selected.

    The two bottom most green bordered "player" characters have spells as well, although the cleric really only has Flame Strike and Cure Wounds configured with full automation.

    The Sorcerer has a few more spells.

    The list of spells which are spec'd out with Automation are (in no particular order)

    • Acid Splash - Damage spell; supports overcasting
    • Cone of Cold - Damage spell; supports overcasting
    • Charm Person - Status Spell
    • Sleep - Status spell with a HP effect for calculation only (5e sleep)
    • Gaseous Form - Status spell with DR
    • Invisibility - Status spell; will eventually also toggle creature visibility
    • Darkness - Using templates for now, but will later use light sources
    • Fireball - Damage spell; support overcasting
    • Magic Missile - multi-target damage spell; support overcasting
    • Cloudkill - On stay & On enter spell; ** can be moved but can be quirky still
    • Fire Bolt - damage spell; supports overcasting; attack action doesn't work yet
    • Cure Wounds - healing spell; supports overcasting
    • Flame Strike - damage spell with dual damage types; requires manual pruning when overcasting (choose fire or radiant damage)
    The Other Stuff
    So in addition to squashing a ton of bugs in calculations and behaviors for features, we also add some more -- bugs and features.

    Notably, we're currently working on the AC handler for features as well as a new Speeds system which allows you to move from walking to flying by trait activation.

    Taking advantage of the On Equip trigger, we can swap movement modes for a creature very easily. There's currently a bug where the on-screen Mover shows the same movement mode for all creatures. We'll figure it out then launch an update with the fixes.

    The AC handler is also in the works so a creature's armor class can be derived from the equipment worn. Wearing leather armor will set the base AC appropriate or update the AC and penalties, depending on the game system.

    The content team has been hard at work building out the 5e SRD as well as converting the Pathfinder SRD and licensed core content into Rules Library items. 5e SRD is nearly done, while the Pathfinder stuff is moving quickly, there's still a lot to do before it'll be fully loaded and ready to go.

    Basic Overcasting
    So one of the cooler features we've added in this release is the ability to toggle overcasting by feature level or by feature cost (usage cost). To use this, simply click on the "overcast" line in the Apply Feature decision. This will open up a very, very simply text entry interface where you can enter either the Level or the Cost you'd like to use the feature at.

    For the time being, Overcasting doesn't debit the higher cost or spell level from the creature, only the original value is consumed. We should have the proper debiting in place in the next week barring any major snags. We'll also be refining the UI so it integrates with the caster type. For 5e, this means showing spell slots available or for items, showing the charge/usage counts remaining.

    To use this with a feature you design, you'll need to check the use feature level option in the Multiply/Repeat node.

    This will instruct the feature to read from the feature level (in the feature node) rather than the class level of the creature. For spell casting where level is spell slots, this means you have a lot of extra numbers.

    But Wait, There's More!
    Isn't there always? I promised to keep this update fairly short so I won't go into everything tonight -- also I'm exhausted!

    So rather than go into the full range of changes and what not, let me instead end with a note about what the next steps are and give some rough sense of timeline.

    There are still a fair number of outstanding issues with some number calculations, some major UI changes, and a few remaining features to add to the library for phase I launch.

    We're going to stay in Public Beta for the Feature Library until the full release however, so the cycle will be shorter and the testing will be more verbose as we get more hands into the system.

    This whole message is going to be reposted to the forums as well so our entire community can be on the same page.

    If all goes as planned -- which is a big "if" -- we should be ready to launch the Feature Library the first or second week of next month (on the outside). This should include 90% of the 5th Edition SRD and rules support as well. There's a number of little 5e things in .19 which I'll go over in an update next week.

    In the meantime, Please download, test! If you're just jumping into the software now, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team to get your accounts all cleaned up and ready to go.


    Owlbear and team.
  2. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2011
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    Quick update. The Young Red Dragon (Lenny) in the Sandbox exposed a bug with area effect "Feature" type features. For the time being I converted the breath weapon to a "spell" feature until we fix the damage handler.

    This is corrected in the attached ctr file.

    Have fun and keep testing!!

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  3. owlbear

    owlbear Administrator
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    Sep 5, 2011
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    Beta is up with fixes to a bunch of different things such as damage dice and the like! So yeah, grab this when you can. Still plenty more to do before we go fully live, but this is getting closer and closer to the finish line!

    Download it here!

    Quick notes on Public Beta 20!

    ### *** v. (Public Beta) ***
    * Added GM Notes and GM Annotation to Creature and Mini views.
    * Added GM Annotation to mouse over text for GM view
    * Added speeds handler which allows for creatures to have different movement types and provide appropriate
    movement adjectives
    * Added abstract AC handler for switching game systems [wip]
    * Added AC handler to FBP system (nodes) -- the current handler does not support stacking rules
    * Updated the action card and mouse overs for game system dependent AC options
    * Updated the preferences and various rules sections to support various standard AC types
    * Updated the minimum Features# level to include 0 (zero) to handle racial traits without hit dice
    * Added "roll as passive" to the skill roller
    * Added ctrl/command + hot key to the quick skill roller to roll quick skills as passive (allows for group select and roll)
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